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At Bridge Coffee Roasters we are lifelong students of coffee. The more we learn, the more we are driven to share our discoveries with our customers, supply chain partners, and industry peers.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been captivated by coffee. Our fascination inspires us to compile and share what we know and we do this through our coffee training courses and giving out free downloadable resources that will make you ‘truer to the bean’. As a customer of Bridge Coffee Roasters, you are in safe hands.  Our dedicated coffee trainers are masters of their craft and their primary aim is to teach passion!


Rather than have a one size fits all training program, we tailor our training to suit the needs of our clients and our clients baristas. Everyone is at a different stage of the barista journey and we believe that everyone making coffee needs to do it with passion, that’s why our training sessions include learning about the coffee bean itself and the process its gone through to get to the coffee shop.

Ultimately our training goal is to get all baristas to make coffee with pride and passion, to understand their art-form and learn to look after the equipment properly, pull perfect espressos and create latte art. This is are aim from the outset.

Once each barista has received this training, (either on site or at our training facility in Cardiff) we monitor their performance through our brand champion program.