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The affordable perfection, the Schaerer Coffee Prime is easy on the budget yet still delivers consistently impressive coffee. The Prime is all about performance, mobility and easy maintenance and flexibility.

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About the Prime

Coffee Prime can deliver a range of top quality coffee and milk based beverages reliably and with impressive consistency. With its integrated freshwater tank, there is no need to connect to the water mains, the only requirement is power connection which means you can take the Prime anywhere and still produce barista quality coffee.

With a daily output capacity of 100 cups, which can be extended to 150 with the optional Powerpack, the Prime is the perfect option for the hospitality and catering industry. Also, thanks to the multiplicity of its configuration properties the Prime is flexible and can be easily adjusted to include the features that work for your requirements.

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Details and Optional Features

  • Only requires power connection, no mains water supply necessary
  • Automated cleaning program with the NcFoamer concept
  • Double outlet for coffee for efficiency and pivoting cup platform with drip grid
  • 7″ Touch Screen for ease of use
  • Advertising message optional on the Touch screen
  • Can have upto 2 powder systems
  • Combined fresh milk and powder milk supply
  • Can have up to 2 grinders with bean hoppers
  • Barista button for adjusting beverage strength
  • Aquachange, conversion from drinking water tank (5.2 litres) to mains water supply by in-house technician possible

Interested in the Schaerer Prime?

We understand that selecting the right coffee machine for your business is essential to producing high quality coffee for your customers. If you're interested in finding out more or trying out the Schaerer Prime, get in touch and book a visit to our London or Cardiff showroom.

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